Principal's Message

Pariksha Parv (परीक्षा पर्व) Link for live streaming

Aristotle says that man is a rational animal and his rationality gets best treatment and development by means of education. Undoubtedly, education raises man from the level of an animal and helps him to reach the level of angels.

To raise the level of education it is necessary to imitate and promote experimentation and innovation in education. This is a scientific age and we need to look at everything in a scientific way.

     Science helps remove the superstitious views and makes us understand the logic behind the things happening around us .Present age is the IT (Information Technology) age. It is necessary for everyone to be "informed"  and internet is the most powerful tool to come at par with the best in the world because it gives one access to the best resources in the world. is very beneficial for us as it -

  1. opens up a cornucopia of knowledge for us.
  2. helps us connect with each other across oceans and continents ,and share ideas and knowledge.
  3. encourages the spirit of co - operation.
  4. and of course, helps make learning fun.

A team of dedicated teachers from different parts country are engaged imparting quality education without discrimination of cast cred or other social factors. Though students hails from agricultural environment, besides all this constraints, students are taken care of, inspired for best performance and all round development of personality.

Students are taken care of in the academic pursuit and also given intensive training in the field of sports, games and other co-curricular activities. I wish the new KV building will cater the needs of many more needy students upto XII standard in the science and humanities subjects. I wish this KV to Bloom in its full glory with the co-operation of parents and other members of society.

Mrs. Meenakshi Jain