School Budget


BUDGET APPROVAL OF VVN ACCOUNT FOR THE YEAR 2016-17(AS PER REVISED ARTICLE 202 & 203 OF ACCOUNTS CODE) Revised vide letter No.F.110240/(6)/2009-KVS(HQ)(Budget) dated 16.2.2010 &  DATED 11.11.2011
Opening balance as on 1.4.2016 Expected receipts during the year           2016-17 Grand Total           (1+2) Sr.       No     Head wise expenditure Actual expenditure incurred during         2015-16 rounded off to near hundred Budget for 2016-17 Net Budget   2016-17 including extra budget as per the requirement & planning. Remarks
As per KVS ceiling  vide letter referred above with reference to students strength above 1000 i.e. upto 1425 20% extra as per letter quoted above as per requirement for more than 2 sections KVs Total Budget approval for             2016-17 as per ceiling
1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
3503626 3503626 3503626 1 Engagement of part-time teachers  (Including Instructors/Teachers/Art & Craft/Coaches/Spoken Eng etc)on contract basis) 1334092 Actual 0 0 Actual 1500000 To engage part time teachers due to clear/leave vacancy & Other faculty i.e. Yoga Tr., Spoken English tr,Coaches,Art & Craft Tr & other Vocational staff  & Counsellor etc  as per requirement for the welfare of the students.
2 Petty Construction work concerning the school viz.Toilets, sewerage Tank, Overhead Tank, Stage, Activity Room etc. 0 400000 0 80000 480000 480000 Construction of Toilets & bathrooms(Boys & Girls), Canteen Shed Expansion, Expansion of canteen ground area with interlocking tiles.  Renovation of Mathematical Garden, Interlocking of tiles/bricks on paths.  Other construction work as per requirement of the students.
VVN @500 from 1425 students 8550000 8550000
3 Repair & Maintenance of:-
A) School building, its toilts, septic and overhead tanks including playground and compus. 248355 400000 0 80000 480000 480000 White-washing/painting works.  Electrical,sanitary,cemetary & other civil works of the Vidyalaya building & campus for the welfare of the students. Material purchae and labour hiring.
Computer Fund @100 from 1305 students 1566000 1566000
B) Classroom furniture & Fixtures 78040 70000 0 14000 84000 84000 Works related to benchmarking. To repair & painting of the funiture & fixtures of the Vidyalaya and other instruments, also provide the AMC to Other Misc Assets of different labs  & Repair of Audio Visual Aids assets etc
C) Lab Equipments 0 35000 0 7000 42000 42000
I.P.Fund @150 from 120 students 216000 216000 D) Audio Visual and Musical Instruments 2785 20000 0 4000 24000 24000
  E)House Keeping/ Conservancy Services(Per Section)Per Shift 279576 150000 0 30000 180000 300000 To engage outsourcing agencies for sanitation work of the Vidyalaya through out the year as per contract executed.
4 Purchase of classroom furniture and fixtures. 223792 200000 85000 0 285000 285000 To procure the articles as per benchmarking.  To purchase all types of boards, setting upr of conference hall, purchase of Office Table/Chair, Tr.Table/Chairs, single/dual desks for primary/secondary/sr.sec classes and other furniture items for students, AC & Stablizers for computer labs & under CMP for primary etc
5 Purchase of Lab Equipments including consumables and also the upkeep of the laboratories. 255773 200000 85000 0 285000 285000 To purchase articles for all the labs as per benchmarking (Phys,Chem,Bio & Jr,Science lab), Botanical Garden, Mathematical garden, Language Room & Activity Room articles under  CMP etc. Purchase of  LCD Projectors etc.
Bank Interest 350000 350000
Misc Income 100000 100000
Advances 0 0 6 Purchase of audio visuals aids consumable(and musical instruments including misc assets out of heads of pupils socities). 73738 50000 21250 0 71250 71250 To procure articles as per benchmarking. Other children activities(Singing/dancing etc),  teaching aids material, AVA activities and articles, SUPW activities & articles and other misc articles related to Audio visual and teaching aids also expenditure under CMP.
Recovery of Revenue Nature 0 0
Recovery of Capital Nature 0 0 Other Children activities
      SUPW Activities
      Teaching Aids
      CMP Exp/Assets
      7 Purchase of sports goods & kit: prizes to winners in School Sports and inter-class or inter house matches; entry fees of the school teams for tournaments, photography and providing of refreshments, TA/DA of students. Also BS & G contribution as given below seperately. 303513 300000 127500 0 427500 427500 Expenditure on purchase of sports articles including expenditure on organisation of all Sports meets etc.  Organisation at Vidyalaya Level, hiring of coaches,all Messing arrrangments,TA/DA of participants, Sports Kit to players.  All other exp related to sports.
      Bharat Scouts & Guides Vidyalaya Exp & Contribution to KVS(RO/HQ).(Budget allocated under sports head) 61655         Exp.on BS & G activities & contribution to RO/HQ on the basis of student strength as on 1.8.2016 will be incurred out of Budget under the head Sports & Dresses to Scout/Guides Captains/Masters and other Cub & Bulbul/Tritya Sopan Testing Camp activities in this programme.  Organisation of other activiteis under BS & G.
      8 Pupils Socities; Annual Function, Other School Functions(e.g Republic Day, Independence Day, Teachers' Day etc)& Vidyalaya Magazine & Student Diaries. 251828 200000 85000 0 285000 285000 To celebrate Annual Function and other Important Days, Other children Group Activities. Hiring of dresses, Tent shamiana, sound system, seating arrangement on rent, prizes & trophies, printing of cards & certificates, LCD screen & tv sets etc. Printing of Vidyalaya magazine & Student diaries.  . Other Articles for the use & benefits of students as per requirement. Articles for Classrooms maintenance under SUPW, Purchase of Whitemark green Boards for Class-IX to XII(A,B & C sections),Articles for Class-room teaching under Teaching Aids/CMP.  Mathematical Garden & other Misc Assets. Purchase articles and other equipments under various heads as per benchmarking & instructions of KVS in the Primary Common Minimum Programme.  Payment of 35/63.5KVA Silent Kirloskar Gen Set after approval to be obtained from KVS RO Jammu.
      Other Children activities
      SUPW Activities
      Teaching Aids
      Other Misc Assets 301533
      9 School Excursions 290500 100000 42500 0 142500 300000 Educational tour and other trekking programmes from VI-XII with the approval of KVS and under CMP for Class-I-V
      10 Conduct of Examinations 356303 300000 127500 0 427500 427500 Printing & publication of all types of Examination material i.e.Q.Papers/Answer sheets, study material etc including stationery and prizes to the students.
      11 Incidental Expenses connected with visits to the school by dignitaries like Hon'ble Ministers, Parliamentary Committes etc. 6188 30000 0 6000 36000 36000 Expenditure incurred on visit of VVIPs/VIPs i.e.working lunch,Hospitality & refreshment ocassionally and on celebration of special days etc.
      12 Beautification and horticultural development of the school campus including tree plantation. 150126 200000 0 40000 240000 240000 Maintenance of Garden, Purhase of Plants, Pots and seeds to grow and develop lushy gardens.  Engagement of Mali for the purpose and Paints/Printing banner under beautification of campus, Installation of Flex Boards  and other for the purpose.
      13 Development of facilities for library such as purchase of books educational technology aids(CD, teaching learning packages etc) and printing of magazine,students diary, newsletter etc. 219939 150000 63750 0 213750 213750 To purchase of library Text/Reference books etc.  Other expenditure for development of the Library like Computer/Printers/AC & other equipments as per library policy etc.
      14 Procurement, maintenance and development of Computers and Computer related technologies, hardwares as well as software, including e-mail, inter-net for students. Salary to Computer instructor, White boards and similar technological aids which can be very useful for enhancing effectiveness of teaching learning process for the students AMC of Computers, stationery etc.(Limited to actual collection of Computer Fund) 321063 Actual collection based 0 0 Actual collection based 1000000 Payment to Computer Instructor. AMCs of existing 54 Computers, Networking,E.Mail, Internet Exp, Website Exp and also to procure more Computers, Printers, UPS & ACs, Connectivity to all Computer Labs and other Hardware & Software devices for the proper development of all Computer Labs.   & other items as per benchmarking.
      15 Provision of Medical facilities of emergent nature during school hours.  A) for medical facilities of emergent nature during school hours 57498 20000 0 4000 24000 300000 Salary to Nurse & Exp. On medical facilities, first aid to the students during the school hours. Rs.40/- per child per annum for two medical checkups.
        B)For two medical check ups per child @40/- per child(1425x40) 0 57000 0 0 57000
      16 Security of School:Expenditure on outsourcing agencies. 263107 350000 0 70000 420000 420000 Exp.on engagment of 04 security guards from outsourcing agencies to provide the security to the Vidyalaya round the clock, purchase/fixing of  Grills for security of the Vidyalaya, purchase of security equipments  etc.
      17 Misc.Office Expenses 0 Actual 0 0 Actual 25000 Payment of Taxes & Water/Electricity charges on actual bases, Exp.on office i. postage & telgm., telephone, stationery, printing, advtg/publicity, professional charges, contigencies, conveyance charges & other misc exp etc.
      A.Taxes (Actual Basis)
      B.Electricity & Water charges(Actual) 253580 Actual 0 0 Actual 325000
      C.Other Expenses(Telephone charges, tonner,catridge, office stationery etc) 107842 50000 21250 0 71250 71250
      18 Misc Printing as per direction of KVS: Study materials & Split of syllabus etc. 0 0 0 0 0 200000 Actual basis on the direction of KVS
      19 Emergency Assistance to the student/RTE reimbursement etc. 583410 0 0 0 0 846000 Exemption of VVN for one academic session/reimbursement approx 180 @4700/-students under RTE ACT.
      20 Contribution to RO Sports Control Board 3% on 85.50Lakhs 220462 256500 0 0 256500 256500 Contribution to KVS as per the instructions
      21 Contribution to RO Sports Control Board 2% on 85.5 Lakhs 146975 171000 0 0 171000 171000 Contribution to KVS as per the instructions
      22 Contribution to RO VVN Deposit account 25% on 85.5 Lakhs 1837182 2137500 0 0 2137500 2137500 Contribution to KVS as per the instructions
GRAND TOTAL 14285626 14285626     8228855 5847000 658750 335000 6840750 11233250