The following remedies are available to parents and students to voice their suggestions/complaints/concerns.

  • Suggestion Box are available for the students. They can put their grievances in written form into it. Anonymity of the complainant will be maintained.
  • Teachers name list along with their contact numbers is displayed on student's display board.
  • Parents open timing for meeting with Principal is fixed 11:30 to 12:00 noon every working day.
  • Parents open timing for meeting with teachers is fixed 1:40 to 2:40 every working day.
  • Matters related to Adolescence Problems will be dealt by the Adolescent Committee
  • 1. Mr. Kashmir Singh, PGT (Phy) – I/C

    2. Ms. Gurvinder Kaur, PGT(Chem)

    3. Mr. Amarjit Kumar, TGT(Eng)

  • Complaints regarding misdemeanors and discrimination on the basis of sex, committee
    • 1.      Ms. Neelam, PGT (GEO.)

      2.      Ms. D. Azad, PGT (HISTORY)

      3.      Ms. P.K. Pandey ,PGT (CS)

      4.      Mr. Surjit Kumar , TGT (English) VMC Member

    Internal Complaints Committee